The Benefits of Grundfos LCS Pumps

The base mounted, end suction pump is arguably the workhorse of HVAC pumping.  Most improvements in the design of these pumps has been focused on …

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Best Practices for Cleaning Grease from Commercial Kitchen Hoods, Duct Work and Exhaust Fans

Cleaning your commercial kitchen exhaust system can be a laborious and complicated process, but one that is necessary to ensure the safety and maintenance of …

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2021 UEP Core Value Award Winners

Since its inception over 35 years ago, United Energy Products has always strived to provide our customers the highest level of knowledge and support. By …

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Are You Making these Mistakes with Your Steam Boiler?

Does the heating system for your commercial facility utilize a steam boiler? If so, check out our tips below and ensure you aren’t making critical …

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You Have Choices for Your Boiler Flue Materials

United Energy Products prides itself in being your local go-to expert when it comes to venting your fuel burning appliances.  We’ve invested time and talent …

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Manual Dampers image

Draft Control Using Manual or Automatic Dampers

When boilers operate, they rely on drafts to push combustion gases out of internal chambers so that they are safely and effectively vented to the …

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