Sealed Modulating Damper Systems – an Ingenious Design from ENERVEX

Sealed Modulating Damper Systems from ENERVEX

The Sealed Modulating Damper System (SMDS) from ENERVEX maintains a required pressure (negative or positive) for a common chimney or at individual appliance connector(s). It is essential for today’s condensing boilers since they produce a wide range of draft pressure with turn-down ranging from 5:1 to 20:1. ENERVEX’s SMDS product includes an ingenious design detail that makes it the ideal solution. The issue of condensate build-up in the tubing is inherent in applications designed to work under positive pressure. Other damper systems require the installation of a separate drain, but ENERVEX’s design eliminates the possibility of condensate build-up in the tubing between the pressure sensing stack probe and the pressure transducer. In addition, the unique damper design also prevents condensate from pooling above the damper and the possibility of a slug of condensate flushing into the appliance at start-up.

Features and Benefits

  • The sealed modulating damper system consists of an ADF Damper with high-pressure and high-temperature sealed bearings. The damper blade is positively sealed with an extremely durable, temperature, pressure-resistant, and condensate-resistant graphite gasket. Additionally, it protects the boiler connectors from flue gas recirculation when used in a common vent system.
  • The damper is controlled by an EBC24 Draft Controller that interlocks with the heating appliance(s) and controls the pressure using a bi-directional XTP3 Pressure Transducer. The controller can be installed on the damper itself or remotely on a wall or in a boiler control, as it is prepared for DIN rail mounting.
  • The EBC24 Draft Controller is fully programmable on-site – or remotely via Wi-Fi – and has integrated Modbus protocol
  • The system is UL-listed and meets all requirements of NFPA54 (ANSI Z223.1), National Fuel Gas Code, IFGC, International Fuel Gas Code and IMC, the International Mechanical Code, and most other relevant codes.

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