The Leading Provider Of Best-In-Class Commercial Heating, Cooling & Venting Solutions

Providing Unmatched Customer Service, Technical Expertise & End-to-End Support

For almost four decades, United Energy Products (UEP) has been recognized as the leading turnkey provider of best-in-class commercial heating, cooling and venting solutions in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our unique ability to deliver solutions for complex projects efficiently, effectively and on-budget makes us a go-to provider for our clients.

Here’s what makes UEP different from other manufacturer representatives:

Subject Matter Experts

We know commercial heating, cooling and venting inside and out

Measurement & Specification Specialists

We ensure unparalleled accuracy, saving you time and money

Risk Mitigation

Our deep knowledge and subject matter expertise reduces your risk across the board

Detail Oriented

Our customers trust that we won’t miss anything, and we don’t

Best-in-Class Manufacturers

We represent only the highest quality products on the market

Exceptional Service

We provide start-up and maintenance services that most competitors don’t offer

Our Guarantee

We stick to our quotes, and we don’t walk away until our customers are 100% satisfied

Best of all, people really like working with us.

Representing Best-In-Class Manufacturers

Commercial Heating, Cooling & Venting Solutions

Mechanical Products

Boilers, Water Heaters, and Pumps.

Venting Solutions

Commercial and Industrial Venting and Exhaust Systems.


Factory Fabricated Venting, Flue and Exhaust Systems.

Product Support

Genuine OEM Parts and Service.

What Our Customers Have To Say

UEP’s Proven Process
Built On Four Decades Of Experience


Our in-house engineers provide system design and specification assistance.


Timely and Precise – Our dedicated estimating team bids over 1,600 jobs nationwide each year.


We rapidly turn around submittals and walk you through the process.


We work to ensure your equipment arrives intact, on-time and as specified. Our Venting Systems include field measurements by our experienced project managers, and detailed installation instructions and drawings are provided at time of material delivery.


Our factory-certified technicians perform an advance visit to make sure you are ready and also perform the final start-up to ensure your equipment operates as designed.


We follow up to make sure you and your client are satisfied, providing expertise and locally stocked parts as needed.

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