Best of Both Worlds from Fulton: Hybrid Gas & Electric Steam Boiler

Fulton VSRT-E

Fulton’s VSRT-E hybrid boiler combines the performance of gas-fired VSRT steam boilers with zero emissions electric heating, giving you the ability to meet dual-fuel and sustainability goals.

The VSRT-E steam boiler is ideal for facilities seeking the ultimate flexibility to operate their steam plant on low-emissions natural gas or zero-emissions electrical power. This boiler can operate on gas or electricity either partially or exclusively. So, you can plan for future infrastructure or switch fuel sources anytime to balance cost and environmental priorities. Switching fuel can be scheduled to take advantage of off-peak electrical rates or handled manually on a touch screen, or even via remote contact.

Highest Efficiency – Up to 86% efficiency on natural gas, 99% efficiency on electric operation.

Low-to-Zero Emissions – Zero scope 1 emissions when operating on electricity. 20% reduction of CO2 when operating on gas compared to conventional boilers.

Built to Last – Long life boiler design and exceptionally durable components reduce overall life cycle resource use.

Easy to Operate – Intuitive touchscreen controls enhance energy savings and advance building integration.

Low Maintenance Cost – Spiral rib tubeless architecture features a 350% thicker heat exchanger than tubed designs, eliminating the need for costly re-tubing.

Contact UEP to consider if the VSRT-E is a good fit for your next project or download the brochure.