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Our Story

Over 35 years ago, Frank Smollon, Sr. introduced the idea of combining unmatched customer service and technical expertise with the venting products marketplace. He recognized that customers were not just looking for a product, but for a dedicated partner to provide total solutions to their venting and heating challenges. Back then, the norm for venting, commercial boilers, generators and water heaters was field fabricated, fiber insulation wrapped black iron. But Frank sensed that innovation was at hand, and soon the company was marketing UL-listed, factory fabricated, double walled stainless steel, pre-insulated products. These are safer, more easily installed and more efficient in operation – a better solution for the customer.

This penchant for early recognition of technical advancement, coupled with top-quality customer service,  fueled the early growth of the company as it moved beyond venting systems and into boilers, waters heaters and hydronic pumping systems.

 In keeping with its broad view of providing customers a total heating and venting solution, in 2007 UEP founded a sister company, Chimney Works, offering chimney installation, engineering, design and quality products for the chimney marketplace.

Today, UEP is still a growing, broad-based supplier of venting and heating solutions with an unwavering commitment to supporting its customer’s needs. Frank Smollon, Jr., who has spent over 22 years at UEP learning the lessons his father taught him about un-matched customer service and technical expertise, now serves as company President. We are a team-based, solutions-focused, full package provider of reliable equipment and other quality products that are efficient and competitively priced.

With a customer base that includes the White House, the State Department, the Smithsonian Institute, the Kennedy Center, Johns Hopkins Hospital and the MGM Casino at National Harbor among others, UEP is widely recognized as an innovative, trusted industry leader.

Today, UEP is part of the recently formed US Venting Solutions Group, with member companies based in Florida, Texas and California. 

Frank Smollon, Sr and Frank Smollon, Jr Photo