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DuraDuct Testing

How Tough is DuraDuct?

We knew DuraSystems products are well built, but we had no idea! We depend on DuraDuct™ KEX and DuraDuct™ SED in particular for grease duct ...
Grease duct testing for UL Listing

Grease Duct Systems – Important Questions on Fire Safety

The case for safer, more cost-effective pre-fabricated, grease duct systems. Field-fabricated duct systems are accepted by code but are not UL listed. While insulation has ...

Grease Duct and Flue Installation at Kneads Bakery in Baltimore

United Energy Products provided the pre-fabricated flue systems for grease duct and oven applications at Kneads Bakery in Baltimore City MD. Kneads Bakery is a ...
Large Grocery Store Kitchen Exhaust System Install

Large Grocery Store Kitchen Exhaust System Install

Chimney Works just completed the installation of an extensive kitchen exhaust system for a grocery store in Washington, DC. We used DuraSystems Model KEX which ...
DeCarlo 2

Project Highlight: DeCarlo’s Restaurant

UEP was approached by the owners of DeCarlo’s Restaurant because they were moving their restaurant to the Westchester Condominiums at 4000 Cathedral Avenue, NW. The ...

Best Practices for Cleaning Grease from Commercial Kitchen Hoods, Duct Work and Exhaust Fans

Cleaning your commercial kitchen exhaust system can be a laborious and complicated process, but one that is necessary to ensure the safety and maintenance of ...