Packaged Pumping Systems Mean Better Performance


As the OEM, Grundfos manufactures every vital piece of the Hydro MPC HVAC, including the pumps, motors and VFDs. They make sure each part is designed to their high standards, manufactured from the best materials in state-of-the-art facilities, and tested to deliver long-lasting performance. Every final configuration is tested again to make sure it’s ready on day one to start delivering the years of reliable performance you expect from Grundfos products.

Variable speed performance

Advanced MLE motor features ECM technology and is designed and built by Grundfos to work with Hydro MPC HVAC drive and control logic components.

Best-in-class pumps

The unmatched performance and reliability of CR / CRE pumps have made them the world’s number one vertical multistage centrifugal pumps. Featuring a compact inline design with a registered fit, no alignment is necessary.

Hassle-free maintenance

The cartridge shaft seal can be replaced in minutes without dismantling the pump and is available in a variety of materials.

Automatic peace of mind

A non-return valve (NRV) on each pump outlet prevents backflow when a pump isn’t running. If the pump is forced backward due to a defective NRV, the controller will give a warning / alarm.

Streamlined design

Stainless steel manifolds are engineered to reduce streamline flow, minimize pressure loss and protect against corrosion.