UEP Core Value Highlight: Strong Work Ethic

At UEP we have a set of Core Values that were developed from the vision and character of our founder, Frank Smollon, Sr. More than words on a wall, they are cornerstones of our company culture. These values are not aspirational, they are who we are, clarifying our identity and setting us apart from our competition. We hire, fire and promote based on adherence to our Core Values. They are:

Strong Work Ethic

Trusted Subject Matter Expert

Exceptional Quality of Work

Dependable Team Player


What does a Strong Work Ethic mean at UEP? This value is integral to our promise to “Never walk away until it’s right.” Our team members are self-motivated and approach each project with a can-do attitude. Whether things are going smoothly, or issues arise, we never quit. Just as importantly, a strong work ethic means you can count on our integrity – we’ll be reliable and responsible and keep you informed every step of the way. All of our core values are at the heart of how we maintain and grow client relationships over years and many projects together.