Packaged Pump Systems: A One-Stop Shop

When it comes to selecting a pump solution for hydronic heating and cooling applications, there is a list of must-haves. Topping that list are savings, efficiency, performance and ease of use. Building a pumping system piece by piece is not the way to accomplish these objectives. In fact, most field-built systems perform most efficiently in high-load conditions exclusively. Packaged systems perform efficiently in all conditions, making them the superior selection.

Here is our list of the top three packaged pump system advantages:

  1. Single source responsibility: If any part of a packaged pump system needs service, there is a single source supplier for every component, eliminating additional back and forth with multiple companies.
  2. Pre-piped, pre-wired, pre-tested: Save time and energy by eliminating the sourcing of parts, and the work of piping, wiring, grouting, alignment and testing.
  3. No on-site assembly: The true costs of using a field-built pumping solution are not limited to equipment alone. While the core of the costs are the pumps, other components and labor add significantly to the cost.

For a packaged pump system that truly has it all, UEP would recommend the Grundfos Hydro MPC HVAC. Using smaller pumps and intelligent controls, parallel pumping splits the workload in a smarter way for greater flexibility, scalability and performance in ever-changing load conditions. And since it’s a packaged pump system, the Hydro MPC HVAC comes pre-tested, pre-assembled and pre-wired for across-the-board excellence and reliability.

The Grundfos CU 352 controller is the highly intelligent “brain” of the Hydro MPC HVAC, with the ability to evaluate constantly changing building demands and simultaneously monitor the pump’s power, pressure and curve data. Additional advantages of this controller include:

  • Proportional pressure function
  • Multizone control
  • Advanced efficiency staging
  • Easy interface
  • Installation wizard
  • Logging capability
  • Control HVAC (optional)

Reach out to UEP to schedule your Lunch and Learn and learn more about packaged pumping solutions or the Grundfos Hydro MPC HVAC, specifically.