New Boiler Pre Start-Up Checklist

Anytime a new boiler has been installed, a thorough review of the equipment’s installation is recommended prior to start-up. Providing the installing contractors a checklist with specific items and components that are critical to performing start-up are key to successful boiler operation. The checklist below ensures a commercial boiler is prepped and ready for start-up!

  1. Boilers are installed per the Installation Operation and Maintenance Manual (IOM). ____
  2. Proper intake piping has been installed. ____
  3. Proper exhaust flue has been installed. ____
  4. Condensate drains and neutralization kits are installed (condensing units only). ____
  5. Proper gas supply pressure is to the gas regulator. ____
  6. Gas lines are purged of air. ____
  7. Oil lines are purged of air (non-condensing units only). ____
  8. Power is supplied to the unit. ____
  9. ModSync control panel is installed and wired (if supplied). ____
  10. Header and outdoor temperature sensors are installed. ____
  11. System pumps operating with water are supplied to boilers. ____
  12. An adequate heating load to test and adjust combustion on the unit is required. ____

UEP provides pre start-up site visits to review the boiler installation and answer questions the contractor may have. Our goal is to help expedite the start-up/commissioning of your new boilers and keeping the project on schedule.

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