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Below are a few sample topics, BUT you can always request any subject that makes sense for your team. We’ll bring the right experts to make it a great learning experience that can also qualify for continuing education credits.

  • Writing Competitive Specifications: Any good engineering design includes a well written specification that will produce competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. This course reviews common mistakes frequently seen in heat exchanger, pump or condensing boiler specifications as well as important elements that should never be missed.
  • Condensing Boiler Ins & Outs: This course pack offers something for all levels of expertise with hydronic designs that include condensing boilers:
    • Design & Control Strategies
    • Fundamentals of Vent Design
    • Combustion Technologies
  • Design Benefits of Factory Fabricated Grease Ducts: Field fabricated grease duct used to be the only choice for commercial kitchen design. This course highlights the design and cost benefits of factory fabricated grease ducts and highlight the key components to writing a solid specification.

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