Think About How You Choose HVAC Pumping Solutions

When it comes to selecting a pump solution for hydronic heating and cooling applications, you’ve got a list of must-haves. Near the top of that list are savings, efficiency, performance, and ease of use. If you thought building your pumping system piece-by-piece was the best way to achieve all that, think again.

It’s time to stop laboring over field-built systems that perform most efficiently in high-load conditions and start relying on a packaged system that performs efficiently in all conditions. The Grundfos Hydro MPC HVAC is a plug-and-pump solution that delivers all your must-haves in one fully integrated system designed for maximum performance and efficiency. It’s a system that’s making design, installation, and ROI easier and faster than ever. It’s a system that’s challenging the industry to think differently.

With the Hydro MPC HVAC, Grundfos leverages parallel pumping to change the way you think about pump systems. Using smaller pumps and intelligent controls, parallel pumping splits the workload in a smarter way for greater flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in ever-changing load conditions. And since it’s a packaged pump system, the Hydro MPC HVAC comes pre-tested, pre-assembled and pre-wired for across-the-board excellence and reliability.

Think about the true costs of using a field-built pumping solution. While the core of your costs are the pumps, that’s not all there is to it. Not by far. Other components and labor add significantly to the cost. Because the Hydro MPC HVAC is a packaged system, everything you need comes pre-assembled and tested at the factory, so there are no unexpected extra costs during installation.  Designed for maximum efficiency, the Hydro MPC HVAC can reduce energy consumption by more than 18% compared to other variable speed HVAC systems. Modular designs, advanced motor technologies and smart controls all combine to optimize energy efficiency at any load point for a quicker ROI than other variable speed systems, without sacrificing building occupant comfort.

The pre-packaged Hydro MPC HVAC is ready to go out of the box — just plug and pump. Think about the time you’ll save by eliminating the sourcing of parts, and the work of piping, wiring, grouting, alignment, and testing. Plus, maintenance is easy with our newly designed cartridge seal that can be changed in only 15 minutes.

Field-built systems can require several communication points, and every connection is an installation charge that affects your bottom line. The Hydro MPC HVAC utilizes a CIM / CIU interface with single poll functionality that pings the device once for over 30 points of data and control between pumps and BMS via SCADA, bus protocols like Modbus, Ethernet, BACnet, Profibus or LON capability lets you import the pump system interface to your desktop for back-office control.

Think Hydro MPC HVAC for your next heating and cooling project. Contact UEP to discuss specs and ask any questions.