Project Spotlight: The Watergate (Part 1)

Recently United Energy Products was tasked with providing equipment for a heating plant renovation at The Watergate.  The scope of the project includes replacing the existing high-pressure steam boiler plant with condensing hot water boilers.  Condensing boilers are more efficient than steam boilers and their superior controls offer greater modulation rates, temperature set back and domestic hot water prioritization.

UEP was selected for this job because of our ability to work seamlessly with our sister-company, Chimney Works.  During the pre-construction walk-through, the Chimney Works team recognized that the Watergate could reuse the existing masonry chimney to run new boiler flue in a system that includes fans and dampers, meeting local codes and providing optimal and safe operation.

Getting the new equipment into the building proved to be difficult.  The Service Team at UEP disconnected the burners, gas train, control panel and outer jacket for six Fulton Vantage boilers so they could be lowered through a small opening in the roof and into the mechanical room.  Once the boilers were in place, we reinstalled the removed components.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of our journey through the installation of The Watergate heating plant upgrade.  United Energy Products is uniquely positioned to handle the most complicated designs, provide complete heating and venting solutions.  Reach out to us at for assistance with your heating system.