Introducing the Endura XE

Fulton’s New Hydronic Boiler Line Serves Smaller Applications

Unveiled at this year’s AHR Expo, Fulton has launched a new boiler to complement their current line and provide for 399-750 MBTU needs. The real news is that instead of borrowing existing equipment and systems from other products, Fulton took a clean slate approach to develop the Endura XE. This result is a number of truly new innovations that Fulton believes will set this boiler apart from competitors for years to come. Read on to learn more.

Flame-by-Wire electronic combustion system reduces fuel bills and emissions

Electronic combustion control means no mechanical parts – no more screwdrivers or allen wrenches, no adjusting linkages. This robust system means precision each and every time the boiler cycles and requires fewer site call-backs.

Real-Time O2 Compensation automatically optimizes for seasonality
Continuous tuning of the air/fuel ratio as the boiler runs reduces fuel bills and CO2 / NOx emissions, maximizes condensing time, and reduces overall maintenance.

Exclusive Anavo Burner with up to 15:1 turndown
This is new, patented Fulton technology that combines the benefits of both mesh burners and industrial power burners without the inherent disadvantages of each. What’s more, it’s backed by an unparalleled 10-year burner warranty.

Exceptionally durable, long-lasting heat exchanger
Stronger 439 stainless steel and a low stress design means infinite fatigue life and no chance of stress corrosion cracking. A new sealed water baffling design provides cooling to the right places in the heat exchanger and stops scale from forming.

PURE Control eliminates the need for a master boiler and sequences up to 10 stages
Fulton’s proven control technology with a redesigned, more intuitive interface. Combustion can now be set directly through the touchscreen – fan speed, motor position, 10 combustion points plus ignition for high efficiency across the entire combustion curve.

The Endura XE is available in 399, 500, 650, 750 MBTU/hr Firetube models. Contact UEP to learn more about this exciting new product for your next project. You can also download the full Endura XE brochure:

Endura XE Brochure Cover