Flue Design for Four Generators in Tight Quarters

For this project, UEP built a prefabricated generator flue for a large residential/commercial complex being built in Northeast D.C. We supplied flue for a total of four generators, all servicing different parts of the complex including a standalone generator. The flue pipe provided was Schebler Model P4 with a 304 stainless steel inner liner and 430 stainless steel outer jacket.

This job was unique for UEP, because we provided the piping between the generator and muffler, which is often provided by the generator manufacturer. You can see the pressure relief valves and ANSI flange connections we made to the generator. You can also see the custom pieces we designed to accommodate tight field conditions. For this job, the mufflers were placed close to one another, so we needed to create a custom 45 lateral tee w/45 elbow all in one piece.