And the Core Values Winners Are…

We believe that upholding our four Core Values not only makes us strong as a team, but also helps our clients’ businesses succeed: Strong Work Ethic, Trusted Subject Matter Expert, Exceptional Quality of Work, and Dependable Team Player. Each month we acknowledge employees who have gone above and beyond in these areas, and each year we honor a group of team members who have excelled in supporting these Core Values. This year, we recognize these four outstanding UEP team members:

Mary Jane Holt – Dependable Team Player

Todd Strasburg – Trusted Subject Matter Expert

Sandy Ingley – Strong Work Ethic

Jamie Kirby – Exceptional Quality of Work

At UEP our core values were developed from the vision and character of our founder, Frank Smollon, Sr. More than words on a wall, they are cornerstones of our company culture. These values are not aspirational, they are who we are, clarifying our identity and setting us apart from our competition. We hire, fire and promote based on adherence to our Core Values.

Since its inception over 35 years ago, United Energy Products has always strived to provide our customers the highest level of knowledge and support. By combining exceptional customer service with industry technical expertise, we help our customers achieve the best heating and venting solutions possible for their specific needs.