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Engineered Stacks

Instead of being field-fabricated, Schebler’s “engineered stacks” are prefabricated at their production facility and shipped to your project site in the most complete sections possible. This means minimal field welding, saving time and ultimately money on your project. Together with Schebler Chimney Systems, UEP offers engineering support throughout the entirety of a project, including field measurement to ensure accurate delivery and installation.  

UEP is a proud representative of Schebler, which offers a variety of single wall, double wall and multi-flue freestanding stacks for any high-profile building project. These engineered stacks are incredibly stable without being braced to another structure and are also rated to withstand wind and seismic loading. For these reasons, Schebler offers the highest safety standards and the most efficient use of time and budget for engineered stack solutions. 

Schebler’s engineered stacks meet the requirements set forth by ASME, the American Welding Society, and the SMACNA guidelines for steel stack design and construction. This includes the standards for ASTM STS-1-2016 and strict fabrication quality control. In addition, all Schebler welders are AWS and ASME Pressure Vessel Code certified, ensuring that all projects are completed to the highest standards in the industry.