Turn-Key Flue Installations with Chimney Works

Did you know? United Energy Product’s sister company, Chimney Works, is the premier commercial chimney installation provider in the Maryland, D.C., Virginia region. Founded in 2007, Chimney Works and UEP work closely together to provide quality products, design services, and engineering solutions for a wide range of commercial chimney and venting applications.

Chimney Works specializes in commercial chimney liner installations that are required to accommodate the market shift from Category I and III (non-condensing) to Category II and IV (condensing) boilers and appliances. In fact, Chimney Works is considered the leading DC metro area solutions provider for these notoriously complex chimney liner projects. In addition to turn-key liner installations, Chimney Works offers a variety of other installation capabilities and related services, including:

  • Pre-Fabricated Boiler & Water Heater Flues
  • Pre-Fabricated Generator Exhaust Systems
  • Pre-Fabricated Grease Duct Exhaust Systems
  • Green Multi-Story Rooftop Dryer, Kitchen and Bathroom Fan Systems
  • Demolition of Existing Flue Systems
  • Commercial Chimney Inspections
  • Rooftop Fan Retrofit Projects
  • Repairing Existing Systems

Schebler Chimney Systems, ENERVEX, Centrotherm and DuraVent are just a few of the reputable manufacturers that Chimney Works trusts for their chimney installation projects. Working closely with United Energy Projects ensures that your commercial building project will be completed in the most efficient manner and to the highest standards. Learn more about Chimney Works or contact us today to learn more!