The Benefits of Grundfos LCS Pumps

The base mounted, end suction pump is arguably the workhorse of HVAC pumping.  Most improvements in the design of these pumps has been focused on meeting the new DOE requirements for the Pump Efficiency Index (PEI) by redesigning impellers and volutes.  At Grundfos, they have met the DOE efficiency requirements and more.  In 2006, when Grundfos purchased the Paco Pump Company, they took the design of their LCS pump and brought it into the 21st century by incorporating technology usually only offered in vertical multi-stage pumps.

Some notable differences between the LCS and traditional end suction pumps include a rigid coupling, a double volute design and a vesconite wear ring.  The benefits of these features include:

Rigid Coupling

The LCS pump features an axially split coupling which is capable of withstanding all torsional, axial and radial loads.  Unlike its flexible counterparts, the axially split coupling is easily removable making access to the seal chamber a breeze.  And the best part – it comes with a lifetime alignment guarantee!

Double Volute Design

The double volute design was created to eliminate the radial thrust created by operating off the Best Efficiency Poing (BEP).  Although engineers do our best to select pumps that operate at or near the BEP, this isn’t often possible.  A double volute tricks the impeller into thinking that it’s in a circular casing, greatly reducing radial forces that lead to inefficiencies and shaft stresses.

Vesconite Wear Ring

What’s vesconite, you ask?  Vesconite is a specialized thermoplastic made from internally lubricated polymers, frequently used for bearings and bushings.  Vesconite wear rings allow for tighter tolerances to the impeller, reducing the need for a bearing frame.  By eliminating the bearing frame, Grundfos has decreased the footprint of the LCS pump by nearly 35%!

If these features don’t leave you shouting “where can I get one?”, consider also that Grundfos offers the LCSE; an LCS pump complete with ECM motor and variable frequency drive.  In-line pumps have come standard with VFD’s for years now.  Finally, the end suction pump joins the mix.

To hear more about the Grundfos product line and the LCS pump reach out to your sales engineer at United Energy Products!