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Endura XE

The ENDURA XE™ is engineered and built to the same rugged reliability standards as Fulton’s heavy-duty industrial boilers. Superior construction materials and water management make the ENDURA XE last longer, even in the most demanding applications.

  • Built-in Buffer Reduces Cycling
  • Lower Pump Head Requirements
  • Protects Against Scale & Corrosion

Compact Design

The compact footprint and zero side clearance make the ENDURA XE an excellent choice for both retrofit and new construction, freeing up valuable mechanical room space.

Flexible Venting Arrangements

ENDURA XE supports 16 different combinations of venting including sidewall or rooftop, room air or sealed combustion, plastic or stainless flue materials, and manifolded common venting.

Download the full Endura XE brochure:

Endura XE Brochure Cover