UEP was recently featured in a blog post by Schebler Chimney Systems. It was well deserved recognition and praise for the folks at UEP. You all are great partners and solution providers.

Jake Davis, Principal Consultant

CONCENTRIC Solutions Services, LLC

We've been working with UEP for 30 years. Excellent service, expert product knowledge & competitive pricing. They set the example of how to sell for our industry.

Jerry Robinson, President

Stromberg Metal Works

UEP has been there to assist in every way beginning with their proposals, layout assistance, detailed submittals and product delivery. We look forward to doing business for many years to come.

Craig Williams

Power Mechanical, Inc.

UEP has very knowledgeable representatives, highly capable technicians and provides great technical support throughout the design and construction process. 

Ionel Petrus, PE

Smith Group

Willy and Richie did a great job out at North Point. This is the first time we have worked with Chimney Works and I’m looking forward to the next one we do with you. They were top-notch mechanics.  

Robert Stuckey, Installation Manager

Calvert Controls, Inc.

Thanks for the substantive presentation today.  The info you provided today will be very helpful in our future projects.

Calvin G. Douglas, PE

Engenium Group

I always appreciate the help and service you provide.  It is refreshing to work with a good reliable rep.

Tim Kramer, Consulting Engineer

Richmond, VA

UEP has gone above and beyond to make sure that HCPSS Construction gets our Condensing Boilers installed as designed and operating to their peak performance.  There have been several occasions during the warranty period, where UEP has come out to diagnose a problem, only to find that the inlet filter for the combustion air is clogged due to lack of maintenance, as these boilers are of new technology and require different types of maintenance then is typical.  We had our maintenance staff on board and UEP was very happy to help resolve the issues at no charge.  It's simply been an overall pleasing experience to work with the UEP Team.  I have to mention that their Training offerings are very informative and kept everyone involved.

Tim Heinrich, HVAC Project Manager

HCPSS Construction