Our Partners in Commercial Heating Solutions

We take pride in our selection of commercial heating and venting products that provide our clients efficient solutions at cost-effective prices. We work closely with our reputable manufacturers to ensure that every product utilized within these complex heating systems is dependable and top-quality.

Every piece, large and small, plays a significant role in maintaining the performance of a commercial heating system. Here are some of the manufacturers that UEP trusts to supply intricate parts that help support the functions of these systems.

Ace Heaters

Ace Heaters is known for their user-friendly equipment including semi-instantaneous mini-packs, storage water heaters, heat exchangers, clean-steam generators and more.


Centrotherm has developed the most comprehensive line of polypropylene flue gas systems in the industry.

Chimney Works

As a proud partner to UEP, Chimney Works boasts a wide range of installation capabilities including boiler and water heater venting, engine generator exhaust and kitchen grease duct systems.

Rite Boilers

With dependable steam and water boilers and skid-packaging, Rite has commercial heating products for almost every application and budget.

TPS Thermal Pipe Systems

Thermal Pipe Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of pre-insulated piping for underground heating and cooling distribution systems.


Tranter boasts the largest plate style ranges available in the industry, using gasketed and welded plates to extract the highest possible amount of thermal energy in a compact design.

US Pump Corp

US Pump Corp is a proud manufacturer of constant pressure booster pump systems, sewage pump systems, condensate pump systems, roof tank pump systems and more.

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