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Steam Boiler

Fulton and Rite Boilers offer some of the very best steam boilers available. Across their product lines we can offer sizes from 4-920 BHP, with fuel options including natural gas, propane, electric, #2 fuel oil, dual fuel, and bio-fuel.  

Fulton’s boilers are rugged, reliable and incredibly efficient; a trusted industry name since 1949.  

Rite Boilers are built with an integral superheater. Superheaters provide more energy per lb of steam compared to other designs. The design also eliminates the need for steam separators or dryers to maintain the highest quality of steam. 

High pressure or Low pressure? 
If the required steam pressure/temperature is 13psi/246° or less you are looking at a low-pressure boiler. Anything above this pressure/temperature requires a high-pressure steam boiler.