Fulton Adds Dual-Fuel Capability to EDR+

Fulton has increased the features available on their industry-leading Endura+ product line by adding dual-fuel capability. Available immediately for EDR+2500-3000, and soon for the remaining EDR+ models, the Endura+ can now be configured for applications with two separate fuel gas lines: one natural gas and one propane (LP gas). Alternatively, the EDR+ can also be configured for applications where the fuel supply switches between natural gas and LPG-air (also known as “aerated propane” or“simulated natural gas”), using one gas connection for two fuel curves.


Specification differences from standard natural gas when operating on LP gas or LPG-air include:

  • Maximum 10:1 burner turndown
  • 7”WC to 14”WC incoming gas pressure
  • Ultra-low NOx emissions operation is not guaranteed.

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