Fulton’s revolutionary “Flame by Wire” technology has debuted in the new Endura XE model. Electronic combustion control means no more moving parts – you’re not messing with allen wrenches, screwdrivers, linkages or pneumatics. You are using decimal digits in a display to set the boiler with precision, and every time the boiler cycles, it returns to exactly where it was set. The result is a much more efficient system for reduced fuel bills, lower emissions and fewer site call-backs. It’s a more robust technology all the way around.

Electronic Air-Fuel Ratio Combustion Control & O2 Compensation System

Inspired by advances in automotive and aviation, Flame-by-Wire™ technology replaces the use of conventional pneumatic (“neg-reg”) and mechanical linkage systems with a modern system of independently controlled electronic air and gas valves. It is easier to service and tune by empowering technicians to accurately dial-in positions electronically. Integrated O2 Compensation autonomously tunes the air-fuel ratio to adjust for changes in seasonality, maximizing combustion efficiency.

  • Dramatically improves the ease of boiler commissioning and maintenance
  • Maximizes boiler up-time reliability
  • Saves fuel, reducing emissions and lowering energy bills

Benefits over Neg-Reg and Linkage:

  • Estimated fuel savings of up to 8% compared to conventional air/fuel ratio controls.
  • Precise combustion ratio control that doesn’t drift off-course.
  • Superior flame stability; exceptionally tolerant of varying conditions with fewer site callbacks.
  • Provides technicians significantly more flexibility in configuring the combustion curve.
  • Less sensitive to pressure effects from wind, room pressure and flue draft.
  • 10 combustion points (including discrete ignition) compared to conventional 2-point linear controls.