7 Benefits of Prefabricated Chimneys over Field Welded Chimneys

If you’re still weighing the choice between field and factory manufactured chimney systems, consider the points below. Prefabrication brings a host of advantages, including lower cost and higher quality.

1. Quality Control

Field fabricated systems are only as good as the team assembling them. They are subject to human error and inconsistent supervision. Factory fabrication is a carefully controlled process that uses state of the art equipment and experienced workers focused on optimizing the manufacture of consistent parts.

2. Fire Protection

A field fabricated system by its very nature can’t be UL Listed. Pre-fabricated venting components have been rigorously tested and the factories where they are manufactured undergo quarterly unannounced inspections to ensure consistent quality is maintained.

3. Tighter Fit

UL listed prefabricated chimneys can fit in tighter spaces, a great advantage for many applications. They can slope at 1/16” per foot versus twice that, or 1/8” per fort for field fabricated chimneys. The benefit increases over longer runs – over 75 feet require ¼” [er foot, compared to 1” for field-welded venting.

4. Lower Costs

On-site welding adds a lot of time and specialized labor costs. On-site issues can result in installation delays, further impacting costs from all involved. Installation of prefabricated systems is far more efficient and straightforward.

5. Expert Customization

Every Schebler chimney system is custom built from detailed submittal drawings. The UEP team are experts at field measuring each project to provide the factory with the precise specifications that ensure each chimney is perfectly designed and built for each environment and application. Field fabricated chimneys are measured and fitted on site, so installers must devise solutions to any configuration challenges on the spot, which can compromise system integrity and efficiency.

6. Faster and More Efficient Installation

It makes sense that all the extra work required to configure, troubleshoot, and install a chimney all at once on site typically adds up to significant additional labor hours. The prefabricated process of advance field measurement and highly controlled factory manufacturing results in much tighter quality control. This translates to systems that perform better and last longer than field-welded chimneys.

7. Unrivaled Support

Both UEP and its manufacturers stand behind the products we sell. We are here for architects, engineers, and contractors long after installation, ready to help with any maintenance or performance concerns. It gives everyone peace of mind that Schebler offers some of the best warranties in the business (including 5-year, 10-year and limited lifetime warranties). These are benefits you just won’t fined with a field-welded chimney.  

When you consider all these factors, it just doesn’t make sense to rely on on-the-fly construction when you can have consistent quality and performance with a UL listed prefabricated chimney solution.

UEP has been a leader in bringing prefabricated venting products from Schebler and other manufacturers to market. We work closely with the Schebler engineering and manufacturing teams throughout the process for each and every custom-made system we sell to ensure all of the advantages listed above become a reality for each project.

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